French bulk winemarket collapses

Figures from Viniflhor (Office National Interprofessionnel des Fruits, des Légumes, des Vins et de l’Horticulture) show that the French market for bulk wine was very bad in 2008. The French sold last year 25.3% less bulk wine in volume and 2.45% in value. Bulk Wine accounts for 21% (in volume) of total French wine exports (except sparkling wines). French exports of bottled wines last year remained stable in value, but decreased significantly in volume (10.5%). The total French wine exports accounted for 7.8 billion euros. The French imported last year more wine, especially Spanish bulk wine, with an increase of 25%. Spanish bulk wine is good for three quarters of the total French wine imports. Imports of bottled wine fell slightly by 1.5%. The French imported more Spanish wine bottles (a rise of 45%).