Database with every Burgundy appellation and climat


bivbsiteThe BIVB, the association of wine growers in Burgundy, is expanding its public website with a comprehensive database of all Burgundy appellations and terroirs or climats. There are one hundred Burgundy appellations, including 33 Grand Crus, 44 municipal and 23 regional appellations. For each appellation and climat the database containes a detailed description and basic information about the character of the wine, geographic location, type of soil, production, name and details of the winegrowers and name of the local growers association. Some climats also have a photo of the vineyard that can be rotated 360 degrees (provided Apple Quicktime is installed on your computer; the photos were taken by Panogeo). Furthermore, you can download  a summary sheet in pdf format and look at a detailed map (made byJean-Charles Servant and Sylvain Pitiot, authors of The Wines of Burgundy). The correct pronunciation of the name of the appellation or vineyard, either spoken by a male or female voice, is also available. The information is only available in French. In the database you can search by name, category and vineyard, but it is also possible to request lists of all appellations and ‘climats’.