Wine vandalism in Spain

Torroja del priorat
Torroja del priorat

In Spain, winemakers are increasingly the victims of senseless acts of vandalism. Last week on Monday unknowns destroyed a section of wines at the winery of Terroir Al Limit in the small village of Torroja del Priorat, reports Three years ago, in the same region, a set of vines were set on fire by unknown vandals. And this week, 150 old vines were torn out by vandals in a vineyard in Ribeira Sacra in Galicia. So far, no perpetrators have been arrested. Nor is it clear what the reason is for this vandalism. In Terroir al Limit, the taps of various wine storage tanks were opened. Chlorine was poured in several oak barrels. It is feared that 25% of the wines in the cellar have ​​to be destroyed. Police is investigating the case.


  1. Jozef Schildermans, I was found this news from a Spanish news paper. I was really disappointed when I was read this news. I couldn’t understand why polish don’t complete investigate quickly?

  2. Thank you for your reply,,, The local Galician newspaper I usually read did not have this story. I have been several times to Guímaro and have met Pedro and his mother. I cannot think why someone would want to “attack” this family run business. It was a sad day when this happened.

  3. Living in the Ribeira Sacra wine region I am interested where this information about the vandalism has come from as I have not heard about this.

    Thank you.

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