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Lighter Champagne bottle

29/03/2010 Jozef Schildermans 0

The Comité Interprofessionel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC) reports that almost all Champagne houses within two years will use a new, lighter bottle model. The new 75cl Champagne bottle weighs only 835 grams, or 29.5 ounces. The current Champagne bottle weighs 900 grams, or 31.7 ounces. That is 7.2 percent more. The lighter bottles will save on materials and transportation > Read more …

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Carbon-dating wines to weed out fakes

22/03/2010 Jozef Schildermans 2

A team of Australian chemists led by Dr. Graham Johnson (University of Adelaide) has managed to date accurately twenty Australian wines from the period 1958-1997 . Their dating method is based on measuring the isotope carbon-14 that increased significantly in the atmosphere in the years 1944-1963 by nuclear tests in open air. Carbon-14 is every year diluted a little further > Read more …

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New studies cast doubt on health effects of red wine

21/01/2010 Jozef Schildermans 0

Two new studies from Pfizer and Amgen cast doubt on the healing effects of resveratrol, a constituent of red wine that is believed to counter the negative effects of aging. Resveratrol is supposed to activate certain genes in people that neutralize the negative effects of a diet rich in calories and a high intake of saturated fatty acids. But a > Read more …

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Study: Ambient Lighting Modifies Wine Flavour

21/12/2009 Jozef Schildermans 0

White wine tastes better with red or blue ambient lighting than with green or white light. The ambient light affects the taste, but not the smell, according to a double-blind study carried out by four German psychologists. The researchers let a group of wine lovers taste identical Rieslings in the tasting room of a winery. The room was illuminated in > Read more …

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Statistician: ‘Wine ratings show major flaws’

19/11/2009 Jozef Schildermans 0

Prof. em. Robert Hodgson of the American Humboldt State University is a statistician but also a wine lover and wine maker. In two articles in the Journal of Wine Economics he shows major flaws in points systems for assessing wine. Hodgson is a juror for the California State Fair Wine Competition. Four years long he performed a controlled scientific study > Read more …

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Lighter Wine Bottles Save Energy

23/06/2009 Jozef Schildermans 0

O-I, the world leader in glass packaging, introduces new ultra-light wine bottles that save a lot of energy during the production process. The ECO O2 wine bottle weighs 345 grams and is intended for the mass market. O-I saves each year 87,000 watts during production or the equivalent of 1,5 million light bulbs of 60 watts that burn a whole > Read more …

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Alcohol-free Wine In Dutch Supermarkets

02/06/2009 Jozef Schildermans 3

The alcohol-free wines of Domaine de Fleur are now also available in Dutch supermarkets. The wines were until now only available online and through wholesalers. According to European legislation, non-alcoholic wines may contain up to 0.5% alcohol. The alcohol-free wines of Domaine de Fleur contain 0.3 to 0.5% alcohol. Already in 1908 a German wine producer patented a way to > Read more …