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Spotted-wing drosophila threatens European vineyards

22/11/2011 Jozef Schildermans 0

Drosophila suzukii or Cherry vinegar fly, a type of fruit fly endemic to Japan and Asia, poses a serious threat to European wine and fruit growing, warns the European Plant Protection Organization (EPPO). The male of the Cherry vinegar fly has wings with distinctive black spots. The first flys were observed in 2009 in Trentino in Italy. The species has > Read more …

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New TGV line threatens 50 Ha vineyards in the Graves

18/01/2010 Jozef Schildermans 0

A planned TGV line between Bordeaux, Toulouse and Spain threatens 50 hectares of vineyards in the Graves appellation in Bordeaux. Ten wine castles would lose many vineyards if high-speed rail link is built. These include the domains Le Tuquet, Mejean and Saint-Jérôme in the northern section of Graves and Château du Grand Bos, Château Haut Selve and Château de Castres > Read more …

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Environment friendly bottle for Moselle wines

15/12/2009 Jozef Schildermans 0

Manufacturer OI launches a super lightweight version of the typical bottle for  Moselle wines and German wines from the Rheinhessen region, also known as the Schlegel bottle. The OI Schlegel Lean + Green bottle weighs 360 grams instead of 440 grams for a regular Schlegel bottle. The bottle is produced by OI in the Netherlands in green and white glass. > Read more …

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700 People Strip Naked In Burgundy Vineyard

20/10/2009 Jozef Schildermans 0

700 volunteers posed naked in a Burgundy vineyard to warn the world of the effects climate change will have on French wine. This human art installation in the South of Burgundy was created by artist Spencer Tunick. It is part of Greenpeace’s campaign to warn the world for the dangers of global warming, in preparation for the climate conference in > Read more …

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Zeventig procent wijngaarden Australische Yarra Valley bedreigd door wijnluis

15/01/2007 Jozef Schildermans 0

Decanter meldt dat de gevreesde wijnluis phylloxera zeventig procent van de wijngaarden in de Australische Yarra Valley (Victoria) bedreigt. Phylloxera vernietigde in de negentiende eeuw de meeste Europese wijngaarden. De pest werd uiteindelijk overwonnen door het enten van Europese druivelaars op Amerikaanse wortelstokken die resistent zijn voor de wortelvretende wijnluis. Yarra Valley is echter slechts met dertig procent beplant met > Read more …