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DIY winery Crushpad opens Bordeaux facility

22/04/2010 Jozef Schildermans 0

The California D-I-Y winery Crushpad takes its concept to Bordeaux. In 2004, Crushpad started in San Francisco with a fully equipped winery where wine hobbyists and starting winemakers could make their own wines. Those interested can choose how far they are involved in making their own wine. They can pick the grapes themselves, be involved in pressing the wines, etc., > Read more …

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Ypres winemakers expect first harvest

20/04/2010 Jozef Schildermans 0

Filip Decroix (42) and his wife Claudine Debaenst (39) are planting the first winery in Great Ypres, reports the Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad. In 2007 the new vintners bought an old farm along the Diksmuidseweg in Boezinge, right on the frontline of the First World War, near Steenstraete. The first gas attack in history happened here in 1915. The name > Read more …

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Study: Wine beats shares as investment

14/04/2010 Jozef Schildermans 0

Wine is a better investment than shares, conclude two Swiss economists, after a comparison of the development of wine prices and the (American) share prices in the period 1996-2009. The economists created a wine index based on 400,000 trade prices for wine in the thirteen years from 1996 and 2009. This they compared to the evolution of the Russell 3000 > Read more …