Albert Bichot opens virtual doors Hospices de Beaune auction

Beaune´s HospicesAlbert Bichot , négociant in Burgundy, will for the first time allow individual wine enthusiasts to bid at the famous Hospices de Beaune auction. The auction will take place on Sunday, November 15. Information about all available cuvées can be viewed online at the website Information is also available on Facebook and Twitter.
Before the start of the auction, interested parties can choose their wines and prepare their bids with the help of Albert Bichot’s personal shopper Jean – David Camus. You can also join a virtual group to offer a joint bid. On Sunday, November 15 you can follow the auction live on
Albert Bichot will mature the winning bids in its cellars in Beaune. Buyers can also sample the wines if they so wish. It will take between 14 and 16 months before the wines will be bottled in mid-2011. Buyers can then design their personalized labels. The wooden crates in which the wines are packed per 6 bottles can also be personalized.
Interested buyers will have to sign a proxy document before November 12 and deposit a check for half the amount of their maximum bid. The check is collected only if the bid is successful. The rest of the amount due is paid off in four times (November 2011, May, June and September 2012).
Albert Bichot made its first purchase at the Hospices de Beaune in 1876. Since the mid nineties it is the main buyer at the auction. Last year Albert Bichot bought 24 different cuvées at the Hospices de Beaune.