Women Judge Wine On Price

Women find the price tag more important than the taste of a wine. That seems to be the result from research by the University of Harvard and the Economic University of Stockholm. The researchers asked 266 volunteers to taste blind two different Portuguese wines. One wine cost 5 euro, the other 40 euro. A third of the testgroup knew the price beforehand, one third after the tasting and the last one-third never knew the price of the wines. The women in the group who knew the price in advance, liked the more expensive wine much better than the other two groups. The men were much less influenced by the price tag. The study is published by the American Association of Wine Economists. The results of the study appear to be confirmed by a survey of Vinexpo, the international wine exhibition that takes place next month in Bordeaux. More than 4,000 people in Germany, France, Japan, Great Britain and the United States were questioned on their wine preferences. One result of the survey shows that three quarters of all women find the price tag the most deciding factor when buying wine.