Duval-Leroy Launches First Champagne With Crown Cap

Maestro champagne kurk / corkThe champagne house Duval-Leroy in Vertus (Marne) introduces a champagne crown stopper. The Maestro system Alcan Packaging Capsules is a classic crown cork with a ‘cap’ of aluminum and a lever. You open the bottle by vigorously pulling the lever. The champagnebottle is therefore much easier to open. Moreover, there is no risk of injury by a cork that shoots at high speed from the bottle. Another advantage is that the wine can not be corrupted by TCA (cork contamination). When opening the Maestro one gets the same celebrated pop sound as with a traditional champagne cork. Duval-Leroy used the Maestro for 30,000 bottles of its cru Clos des Bouveries. This cru is made from 100% chardonnay grapes from a vineyard of 3.5 hectares near Vertus in the “côte de blancs”. Duval-Leroy is headed by Carol Duval-Leroy, who is Belgian by birth but married to a champegnois. The champagne house celebrates its 150th anniversary this year and produces 5.5 million bottles of champagne. Therefore the Maestro is at the moment only used on a tiny amount of the total yearly production.


  1. Wel grappig dit soort vernieuwingen, maar echt zinvol is het mijn inziens niet. Ik heb meer het idee dat dit soort dingen meer bedoelt zijn als publiciteit. De genoemde voordelen zijn niet echt relevant. Het aantal verwondingen door rondvliegende kurken is volgens mij nihil. Daarnaast is kurkbesmetting ook een verwaarloosbaar iets, kwestie van goed conserveren.

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