Succesful Harvest 2008 In Germany

German wine growers are satisfied with the size and quality of the grape harvest this year, according to the Deutsches Weininstitut Mainz. The cool autumn weather allowed the grapes to ripen gradually and they remained healthy. The total harvest is estimated at 10 to 10.5 million hectoliters. In the Ahr the quality is comparable to last year, one of the best harvests ever in Germany. The acidity of the wines was however higher, because of the weather. In Baden they are satisfied with the excellent quality, both for white and red wines. In the Mosel the quality (especially for Riesling) is very good, but not as good as in the excellent year 2007. In the Nahe, the quality compares with 1998. In order to achieve good results, wine growers in the Nahe needed to perform a selective harvest . In the Rheingau the Kabinett wines will be of high quality this year. In Rheinhessen, Germany’s largest wine region, the quality compares to 2004. Rheinhessen harvested until the last week of October, a month which saved the harvest after a wet September.