Monasterio del Pueyo Somontano Reserva 2003

2003 Monasterio del Pueyo Somontano Reserva – Spain, Aragón, Somontano (6/21/2008)
This wine is something of a mystery. Sold in the Aldi supermarket as a special deal, it is billed in the advertising and on the label as ‘Parker 90 pts wine’. However, the wine is nowhere to be found in the Parker database or in the Wine Advocate. Contacted about this, Aldi Belgium told me that this is the same wine as the Bodega Pirineos Marbore Somontano 2003, but was renamed ‘for marketing technical reasons’?? The Marbore did get 90 Jay Miller (not Parker) points. Bottle nor cork mention Bodega Pirineos; the bottler is simply mentioned as ‘No. 3.811-HU, En Barbastro, España’. B. Pirineos is indeed based in Barbastro (but so are several other Somontano bodegas). Anyhow, let’s taste. Impressive nose of black berries and fruit, coffee, chocolate, orange peel and leather. But there is a disturbing green element present, too (rather like cooked celery). The palate is sweet, but not heavy, with red and black fruit, chocolate, orange peel, and sweet liquorice. Imho, this is text book ‘coca cola wine’. Good qpr nonetheless. However, we’ll see how this evolves over the next few hours (the Altos de Hoya ’06, another Jay Miller 90-pter, fell totally apart after two hours in an half empty bottle). For now, 89/100. Update: the wine remained on the same level during the course of the evening; it didn’t fell apart.

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