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Older Burgundy’s In Folliez (Vinotopia)

Feb 17th, 2009 | By

The reason for this meeting in restaurant Folliez in Mechelen was the visit of a (hopefully) future American Master of Wine. Reason enough to taste a nice series of older wines. We began with a few beautiful white Burgundy’s with in between them a couple of top California Chardonnays: Kongsgaard and Marcassin. Nice comparison, though the flight was dominated by the 2001 Coche-Dury Perrières. Even the …

In het Fornuis – Bordeaux 1990 Finale – Vinotopia Nieuwsbrief 25/09/2006

Sep 25th, 2006 | By

Vinotopia Nieuwsbrief 25/09/2006 Nieuwe proefnota’s op Vinotopia: 12/09/2006 In het Fornuis – Bordeaux 1990 Finale Herwig’s proefbende hebben over de afgelopen jaren alle grote Bordeaux-appelaties […]